Overlapped points between different branches

Hello, I am having trouble removing the overlapped points between different tree branches. This happens because I have 2 sets of arcs divided by different numbers each, so when I weave them together, there’s a problem with the extra points from the difference between the division of the arc sets. But I need these divisions to remain different.
Is there a way to remove the overlapping points between the branches without flattening them as I need to do horizontal frames later to create tangent lines for new smaller arcs? If not, is there a way to replace the weave with another component for it to work correctly?
The grasshopper file is attatched here Q20190910.gh (12.7 KB)
Thank you!

Use Cull Duplicates (CullPt) after the last flip matrix (weave > flip matrix > cullpt)

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pretty sure there is an easier way to do this, and not sure if its right…

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Thanks! This actually works. I am kind of confused though because I did try this before but without success. Sorry for bothering you and thanks again!

Thank you Rickson! I tried once again with the cull duplicates component without flattening the branches and it worked out fine this time, not sure why though. :slight_smile:

Who knows?

Dupes_ToTol_PointsInTrees_Filter_V1.gh (142.1 KB)