Discourse login


I have 2 different accounts at mcneel. One is company account where I use different e-mail address and keep licenses connected with this account, the other is my private account which I actually use now. When I try to log in to discourse, I have no choice to select which account do I want to use. Is that by design? I actually found a way around by using other browser, but it is not convenient. I’d like to use one account to manage Rhino licenses, an the other one to communicate with you guys on the discourse using one browser.

I also have been wondering about this… and there doesn’t seem to be any way to delete one of the accounts, if I’d like to…


Your Discourse account is a Client of your Rhino Account.
If you have another Rhino account, go to:
And Sign out.
Then sign out of Discourse
Next Sign in to your other Rhino Account.
Then you can use that for Discourse.

However, Cloud Zoo is also a Rhino Account client.
If you are signed in to a Rhino account that does not have licenses, you will not be able to run Rhino.

The system was not designed to easily support multiple login accounts for a single user. Expect confusing problems.

My recommendation is to add additional personal email addresses to a single Rhino account that you always use, so our systems know you are not two different people.

I’m OK to use the link you gave to switch accounts, however if I could suggest something, it would be more user friendly to add this link in the rhino license management tool, in case user needs to switch account and is “fresh” in this topic.

I tried to connect both private and company accounts, but I got this message and basically was not able to do so:
“The email address is already associated with another account.”

Right. An email address can not be used in multiple accounts, unless it is used for being invited to a Rhino accounts Team.
If you remove the email address or delete the extra account, then the email address is available and can be added to a different account.

I use FireFox containers (at least available in Nightly, don’t know about stable) to ensure I can have different accounts active in the same browser. I use the work container for… work account (@nathanletwory) , and no no special container for personal account (@jesterKing).

This is separate from the Rhino log-in, so quite nice.

I hve just installed firefox and multi-account container, very nice plugin. Thank you both for help.