2 forum accounts

Ive had an account on this forum since it began. I was recently invited to Serengeti, but given a different login. So if I log in with one I miss the new messages in the threads I was originally part of, if I log into the other I don’t get Serengeti threads. Can I combine them some how or get better access on my original login?

I gave your account access. What is your other “new account”? I can delete that one.

Hmmm. I have an old one that I have been using since Rhino started on Discourse. The user name is my home email “its.nscott(at symbol)gmail.com”. The new one you gave me has a my work email as a user name: nscott(at symbol)sala.ubc.ca.
If it can’t be changed I will just only use the new one.

No; I will get rid of the new one. It is better to keep your old one around.

Great. Thanks!

Hi, I have the same problem. I log on the forum with the new rhino account created for rhino 6 licensing. I used an other account at my first log few years ago but unfortunately the professionnal email address used at that time doesn’t exist anymore.
Is there a way to “associate” the old account to the new one to keep tracking my old posts?

@BaptisteCo there is unfortunately no easy way to do this since the discourse source code is not controlled by us (McNeel).

If you really, really want this to happen… then you would have to do a bit of careful surgery/juggling/magic to make it work:

Basically, you would need to remove ALL licenses from your “new” Rhino account, delete the “new” account to free up its email address. Then login to your “old” account, and add the “new” account’s email address. Then add the “new” account’s licenses to your old account.

You would lose all the posts of your “new” account, but you would end up with a single Rhino account.

If this is still acceptable, let me know and I can guide you with specific instructions.

Thank you @aj1,
I found a way to connect to the old mail address. It’s redirected to my new one, so I could modify password and authentify into “Rhino Account”. Then I logged in this forum, which connected to the old account. I just be careful not to log out otherwise it will take back the new rhino account.
It must be enough at the moment. I mostly needed to keep direct access to my old posts.

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