Disappearing Print Window, Programme Frozen

Occasionally Rhino’s print window seems to open behind the project window and is inaccessible. When the project window is clicked, the programme gives the same alert as it would if the print window was visible. Sometimes I can change the display resolution and expose a fragment of the print window to bring it to the front. In previous versions of Windows “Cascade Windows” (right-clicked on the task bar to get it) could expose part of the print window, but Windows 11 doesn’t offer that for some reason. The Task View Icon doesn’t expose the print window either. The only solution I’ve found when it’s this jammed up is a system reboot (without closing Rhino, because the close command on the Rhino GUI is inaccessible, and the icon flyouts on the taskbar won’t close it either). I have had this sort of difficulty with other programmes and previous OS as well but always found a way around it without a reboot. Wondering if anyone’s discovered a consistently reliable work around in Rhino.

Hi David -
Please provide your SystemInfo data.
Is this behavior something you can reproduce when all 3rd party plug-ins have been disabled and Rhino restarted?
Do you have multiple monitors? If so, is Rhino on the primary or secondary display?

Sysinfo is below
This happens infrequently enough (only about once per day this week, prior to that it wasn’t common at all) that I can’t reproduce it reliably. However I have deactivated Enscape and it’s happened since then. (Enscape interfered with printing at some point last year.)
I have a laptop and another monitor, with the desktop spanning the two. Each displays at 2560 x 1440. Rhino’s main panel is on the secondary monitor, with the properties panel on the primary (laptop) monitor.

Rhino 7 SR35 2023-12-12 (Rhino 7, 7.35.23346.11001, Git hash:master @ 6916542aa86609e2c43094fedcff51a3bd3c5723)
License type: Commercial, build 2023-12-12
License details: Cloud Zoo

Windows 11 (10.0.22621 SR0.0) or greater (Physical RAM: 64Gb)

Computer platform: LAPTOP - Plugged in [98% battery remaining]

Hybrid graphics configuration.
Primary display: Intel(R) UHD Graphics (Intel) Memory: 1GB, Driver date: 3-16-2023 (M-D-Y).
> Integrated graphics device with 4 adapter port(s)
- Windows Main Display is laptop’s integrated screen or built-in port
Primary OpenGL: NVIDIA RTX A5000 Laptop GPU (NVidia) Memory: 16GB, Driver date: 5-30-2023 (M-D-Y). OpenGL Ver: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 529.08
> Integrated accelerated graphics device with 4 adapter port(s)
- Secondary monitor is laptop’s integrated screen or built-in port

OpenGL Settings
Safe mode: Off
Use accelerated hardware modes: On
Redraw scene when viewports are exposed: On
Graphics level being used: OpenGL 4.6 (primary GPU’s maximum)

Anti-alias mode: 4x
Mip Map Filtering: Linear
Anisotropic Filtering Mode: High

Vendor Name: NVIDIA Corporation
Render version: 4.6
Shading Language: 4.60 NVIDIA
Driver Date: 5-30-2023
Driver Version:
Maximum Texture size: 32768 x 32768
Z-Buffer depth: 24 bits
Maximum Viewport size: 32768 x 32768
Total Video Memory: 16 GB

Rhino plugins that do not ship with Rhino
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Tibidabo\VisualARQ.rhp “VisualARQ”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Tibidabo\Tibidabo.rhp “Tibidabo”
C:\Users\djhg\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\7.0\SubstanceImporter\2.0.3\Substance.Win.rhp “SubstanceImporter”

Rhino plugins that ship with Rhino
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Commands.rhp “Commands” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\rdk.rhp “Renderer Development Kit”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\RPC.rhp “RPC”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\AnimationTools.rhp “AnimationTools”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\RhinoRenderCycles.rhp “Rhino Render” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\RhinoRender.rhp “Legacy Rhino Render”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\rdk_etoui.rhp “RDK_EtoUI” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\rdk_ui.rhp “Renderer Development Kit UI”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\NamedSnapshots.rhp “Snapshots”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\IronPython\RhinoDLR_Python.rhp “IronPython” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\RhinoCycles.rhp “RhinoCycles” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\GrasshopperPlugin.rhp “Grasshopper” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Toolbars\Toolbars.rhp “Toolbars” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\3dxrhino.rhp “3Dconnexion 3D Mouse”
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\BlockEdit.rhp “BlockEdit” 7.35.23346.11001
C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins\Displacement.rhp “Displacement”