Disabling Functions for Cpu and Gpu Matters With Stream Gate

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to avoid extra computation for cpu and gpu usage on heavy loaded evaluations.

Basically, I am using gates for this reason, but after I switched gate it contuinues to it’s path and calculates the rest with coefficients.

This is the algorithm that I use to do this.

I want to disable the computation in one path when I switch False or any numbers in gate like below.

I didn’t make it with python, because I don’t know the rhino library for python.

If is there way to do that in both ways, I will be pleasure to listen you.



I can’t reproduce your behavior.

Even if it is false, it is continuing with coefficients that inputted before.

Check Right Bottom Corner. The switch is False so it goes to Target 0, but Target 1 still calculates the rest of formulas.

Like 3/2=1.5

So I want something like these;

Sory for my bad response, I am fresh at forum sites.

I see your point, you are planning to completely control the functionality downstream, you can do that with Metahopper.I’ll share with you something quick,

Thx for your reply, if there are guides for basic hints on grasshopper like you mention, are there more source to give me to follow?


does this makes sense?

Test Metahopper.gh (13.1 KB)

Exactly what I want.

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