Avoid File Version Prompt

Hi All.

I’m creating a PlugIn that automates processing a number of v4 and v5 files. When I call the Rhinoscript to save a V4 file, I’m telling the -Save command to save as V5. But, I still get the Save As Version dialog.

In searching the forums, I found this post

but the reference in GitHub is gone.

Here’s the command I’m using
rhinoCommand = @“-_Save V=5 S=No G=No a=Yes e=Yes _Enter”;
rhinoScriptResult = RhinoApp.RunScript(rhinoCommand, true);

rhinoScriptResult returns true.

I also tried V=5.0, but that didn’t help.

I’m using VS2015, RhinoCommon v5.1.30000.17

Don Sayler

Hi @don.sayler,

Here is the script you’re looking for.


If you are trying to do this from a plug-in, then you’ll want to read this.


Does this help?

– Dale