Rhino 6 default save as rhino 5

is there a way to save every rhino file to Rhino 5 automatically without doing save as…?

From Rhino V6? No, there is not really. Something could probably be scripted that would handle both re-saving already saved files as well as browsing for a folder and saving unsaved files, but you would still have to either change all of your shortcuts (Save toolbar icon, Ctrl+S keyboard, etc…) or run it from an alias…

created new button with command sequence
! _-IncrementalSave Version=5

this saves Rhino 5 file with numeric sequence, https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/cs/index.htm#commands/save.htm?Highlight=incremental

is there any way to append fe. ‘_rhino_version_5’ to the original file name?

Is there a way to do the same thing without incremental save?

unfortunatelly i dont know a way to add some text to file name when saving (maybe any %variable ?)
i would like to differentiate rhino5 file from the original rhino6 file (to keep all the data and information Rhino 6 file holds)

simply save as Rhino 5 format would be
! _-SaveAs Version=5

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I have a very closely related situation. I currently output curves and text to my CNC department as R5 files. We have recently upgraded to R6, but our cnc software can not yet read R6 files. We want all our stations to be running R6 across the board. I fully understand that we could just use RhinoCam, however the company is not going to switch anytime soon. I am looking to have an exportselected script that will automatically save the files as R5 without having to click in the last dialog box. I am just not sure how to interact with the dialog box via the script.

Below is what i have at the moment.

!_export _selected version=5 _enter

It would be nice to just run a script that I would not have to click “Save as 5.0 file” at the end. Eliminating steps is important

Hello -

! _-Export _Pause _Version=5 _Browse


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Awesome. Thanks as always Pascal.