Disable Thumbnail


How can I disable the automaticly created thumbnails of my models??


Hi Metin - there is no way that I know of.


Why would you want to disable it?

Well that was also my first reaction when I hear that question :slight_smile:
The thing is that one of our customer show his designs to varius people which buy from him those designs.
But when the splash screen pop up or whilest he is navigating in his files he don’t want to show that designs to everyone…I worked many times with autocad and there it’s possible to disable thumbnails…

So that’s why I’m asking… For me I really like the splash screen with the thumbnails.

So I get You want to disable the splashscreen rather than the thumbnails?
Have a look at this thread from 2013: -> Link
For other reasons users asked to be able to disable the splashscreen (somebody even mentioned the same privacy reasons during presentations).
The thread describes a way to do that.

Hope that helps.

I tested it and it worked :slight_smile: I will do the same procedure with the rhino of our costumer…