Is there a way to disable "Downloading profile picture..."?

Hello, I sometimes need to review a large number of files and compare between some of them, thus I open and close many instances of Rhino. Every time i do that, though, there is a splash screen saying something along the lines that it’s trying to download some profile picture from my rhino account. The worst part is that it’s sometimes slow.
Last time i had to review some 150+ files. It gets annoying having to wait every single time for that arguably useless splash screen.

Is there a way to disable it?
best, aa

Post a screen shot.

Hi -

You could try running Rhino from a desktop shortcut with the /nosplash argument.

Note that it’s not the downloading of that picture that is taking time. You might be running plug-ins that need to initialize and there’s always the communication with the license server that needs to happen (unless you are running in stand-alone mode).

You could try running with the -stopwatch argument on a shortcut to check what is taking time.

There’s more information on all of this in several other threads around here, such as this one: