Splash Screen disable option

Could anyone please tell me how to disable the splash screen when launching rhino?

Thanks in advance.

Note: I find it abundantly filled with options. If I could only have one similar to what GH has. Just to show plugins loading or at least to not stay on-top of everything.

Edit the Desktop Shortcut Target line.
Add the /nosplash command line option:


Ah, the shortcut launching options. I did not think of that.

Thanks a lot John.

@John_Brock, how about when starting rhino by double clicking on 3dm file (or other associated files)?

Use the Search, Luke.

Wait a minute! There was a huge discussion about this a week or so ago and NO ONE presented this option! What a lot of wasted “ink”. Some poor guy somewhere was tearing his hair out unnecessarily. Talk about right question at the right time!

The huge discussion did have the /nosplash suggestion. It just doesn’t work for double-click open.

I guess if a user would like to make the “no splash screen” start semi-permanent for all starts, whether icon-click or .3dm double-click, it would need to be part of Rhino options.

I don’t think Windows File association supports command line switches. The /nosplash would only apply when using the modified shortcut.

I can think of one workaround, but yeah this had to be included as an option. After a few tests loading Rhino is significantly faster without the splash.

I just tested adapting the open action for 3dm files with the Default Programs Editor. I choose File Type Settings then Context Menu searched and selected 3dm, then edited the open command. I made the program path read "C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\Rhino.exe" /nosplash "%1". After saving opening a 3dm from Windows Explorer opens with a splash-free Rhino.

My only concern with that (minor), is when the next user comes along and is using this modified computer, McNeel Tech Support won’t have any inkling that Rhino has been altered in this way.
It isn’t something we’ll be able to figure out or fix.

That’s great find Nathan,

I was thinking about compiling .bat to .exe with start %rhinopath%\Rhino.exe /nosplash. And associating 3dm with that new exe.

Yeah, :slight_smile: that will be a lot of head scratching. I intend to use on machines where I’m the only user.

Sure you’ll be able to figure this out and fix. Now that you know about it… and I’m pretty sure we can make an actual command out of that running directly inside Rhino. Not counting the cases where users can’t modify their registry not even for their own user.

A dirty solution :slight_smile: has presented itself.

To clarify this “solution” is a little slower than /nosplash because it launches the old style splash screen, and it takes some time to acquire the license.



but it does work.

I’ll bring this issue up again.

I still believe there should be a setting inside Rhino to disable this splash nonsense.

During these 8 months I’ve been renaming RhinoSplash.dll to RhinoSplash.dll.disabled but that’s annoying.

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