Disable auto updates

Hello, Forum!
I need to disable Rhino 5 auto-updates at every startup. I followed two options:

  1. Search for a field in the options .ini file for this purpose, failed. I exported the options with the auto-updates flag on in a file and then again with the flag off in a second file. The two files are identical
  2. Write a macro, failed. When I navigate the command line options menu the field “UpdateAndStatistics” (with the “U” underlined) is not activated by entering “U” or the full name “UpdateAndStatistics” (see the image) as if the command was not interpreted or the submenu is missing.

Any idea on how to fulfill this target?
Thanks. L

I don’t see any way to enabled or disable automatic updates by scripting. @brian, any ideas?

The fact that “-Options UpdateAndStatistics” does not do anything is a bug. You can track the bug here:


You can disable automatic updates by disabling the McNeel Update service from the Windows Services control panel applet.

great! Thanks. L

Is it possible to Disable updates with RhinoCommon?

You can access Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) from .NET. But you will need to be running with elevated privileges, which Rhino does not run at (by default).