Direct Modeling with Parasolid kernel

Hi all…I’ve just upgraded to 7.0 but…
Reading about the 8.0 news I really miss a powerful feature available in the best cad-cam modeling programs: Direct Modeling.
Currently I have to use Spaceclaim to modify or repair some parts of my 3d models I create with Rhinoceros.
I hope McNeel will look at the features of a new program called Plasticity, it’s mind blowing also at the early stage.
Because this program is developed by one single person, McNeel could hire this developer(?)
I really miss the features that this developer included in his program. He started with C3D kernel and then moved to Parasolid.
I understand the cost of the Parasolid kernel license but Rhinoceros really lacks this piece of software to avoid to use other programs to complete the 3d modeling workflow.