Direct modeling kernel

I use Rhinoceros since the first beta was released.
I have to use other programs to do direct modeling: Spaceclaim and/or Fusion360
I think that in all those years Rhinoceros lost important innovations regarding new modeling technologies.
Lot of 3d cad programs now use direct modeling kernels.

I’d like to see soon this feature implemented.


for what you say I know that you will have to wait at least the version of Rhino 10, practically in twenty years : development times are slow! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m curious as to how RhinoWorks fills this gap you mention? Have you tried this? How is the price compared to other packages you mention that have these capabilities?

I speak about Direct Modeling.
I don’t know who invented this technology but we can find it on: SketchUp, Bonzai, FormZ, Spaceclaim and now on all cad-cam programs.
I’m not interested in parametric or history based modeling approach. I want to draw a circle on a surface, drag the inside area and create an hole or a protrusion.
I want to pick a rounded fillet, press delete and a corner edge will be created.
I pick the wall of an hole and I can move it.