Dir Command Not Working Properly, Resolved

I’m running Rhino 4 with the latest update. I’m having issues with the Dir Command. In the Dir Command there are no longer any options available. The Command displays the normals arrows as well as the uv cursor. But the only option given in the Command Line is “Press Enter when done:”, which closes the command. The UReverse/VReverse, SwapUV and Flip Options are no longer present. They were present yesterday. Not today. I’ve attempted the Command in separate documents. I’ve started and restarted Rhino. I’ve restarted the computer. No joy. I’ve not made any changes to the computer in the interim. No crashes. Any ideas?
Thanks and Best Regards,

Are you Dir’ing a polysurface by any chance?

There’s my problem. Duh. Polysurface. Works fine on single surfaces. After all these years I’m still climbing the Rhino learning curve. Thanks so much for the wake up.
Feeling Sheepish.

No probs, happens to the best of us. :wink:

If only I fit that category… =-)