I would like to have a mixture of English fractional measurements and decimal measurements.

In settings, the +/- buttons appear to allow me to create multiple “styles” and I can see a a styles setting in the object panel. However, when I click on the + button and think I am trying to create a new style

  1. Nothing shows up initially in the settings; and
  2. After that the settings dialog goes on the fritz.
    In the dimensions list box I see total bitmap garbage. When I do a print screen it shows up as blank.

I have to get out of Rhino and get back in to see what I create.

Sorry, I’m having a bit of difficulty following along here. When you click the + button, do you see this dialog box at all?

I just tried it. I got that dialog box. I selected Inch Fractional and clicked OK. Rhino crashed.

See crash log:

Rhino Crash.zip (139.8 KB)

Thanks for the crash dump. I believe this is related to OS X 10.10.5. I’m unable to reproduce this in Rhino 5.4 (or 5.3.2) on macOS 10.13.3.

It must have just been a 5.3 issue. I installed 5.4 last night and I did not get the same crash.

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