Dimensions -- rhino vs grasshopper

in grasshopper (AlignDim), if the length of the string is longer than the physical length of the dimension, the string will pop out to the side: (as well as orient towards the camera)

that, to me, is desired in many situations…

once it’s baked (or, if the dimensions are created in rhino), that no longer happens and it looks like this instead:

…which can get pretty confusing for people trying to read the spec.

i just always thought this was a general rhino dimensioning problem but now that i see grasshopper doing it ‘right’, i’m wondering if there’s a problem in Rhino for Mac with dimensioning whereas in windows, the string will pop out if not enough room inside the extension lines?

so, i guess my question is- how is this situation handled on windows? same as on mac or is the mac version a little funky here?

Yup, same as on Mac - and perpetually ‘broken’. I hadn’t noticed that Grasshopper does it right - nice!
Perhaps there is hope…

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You can turn control points on for the dimension and slide the text out from between the extension lines so it’s clearly visible. Also edit the extension lines if you need to.

Yes, of course, and that’s what we do. It should happen automatically, though. Especially since that process messes up automatic updating of the dimensions when those are created with history on.

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yep… thanks.
i was just wondering, since i recently saw it happening automagically in grasshopper, if it should also be doing it in mac Rhino without the need for the secondary edit.