Rhino for MAC Dimensions - Not retaining association with geometry

I’m having a problem with dimension strings in layout losing connection with the geometry snapped to in the viewport. At first everything functions as expected and dimensions display accurately, but if any dim line is adjusted on the layout, all the dimension values change to show values associated with the layout scale. That is to say, if a viewport is scaled @ 1" = 1’-0" a dim value that should read 3’-0" will change to read 3" after any adjustment is made on the page. This problem will happen to all dimension strings on the layout regardless of whether the dim string is involved in the change made.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It is incredibly frustrating to dimension an entire page only to have all values to change with no way of fixing the problem other than to re-dimension the entire drawing again. Also, it currently seems imposable to move any dim string in cases where additional notes or dimensions may be required. I’m a long time Rhino user and have tried everything I can think of to fix this issue… I hope that I’m just missing something here!

I am using the most recent releases or Rhino for Mac and Rhino for Mac WIP, but this problem has been present for many releases now. Any help would be much apreciated! I can also provide additional information if needed.

So far I’m not able to repeat that behavior.
Can you supply a more specific command sequence that reproduces the problem?