Dimensions BUG, no numbers displayed

Hi, I´m using rhino 6 under parallels with windows 10 on a mac… usually this works really good for me.
But after having done the latest updates on rhino, windows and Parallels, i see a really annoying behavior (or Bug?) in rhino.
All dimensions are displayed without any numbers.
When i look into the preferences of the dimension, i can see the korrekt number and when i do a layout-Page and print it to PDF, the PDF shows the correct numbers… but i cant see it within Rhino, no matter what size, scale or font I’m using for displaying the dimensions.
BTW, when running Rhino 5 everything is fine on my machine.

So i guess its a display-matter or Bug related to the new rhino 6 display-technology…

Does anyone experiences the same?

Sometime in the model, dims are really small, try zooming in on the middle of the dim?

no, there is nothing … zooming in or changing the display scale won’t show anything

Hi - running Rhino on Parallels is not supported.
Rhino 6 demands a higher version of OpenGL than what Rhino 5 did, and Parallels does not implement that.

worked fine until today ;(

what open GL version is required ?

I keep thinking it’s 4.6 but it might be just below that as well.

Yes, it looks like something changed out there. We’re getting a few of these now:

hmm, well… i got a backup from last week… i guess ill just go back to this version :frowning:

According to @stevebaer VMWare has the OpenGL horsepower to handle Rhino 6.
I would hope that any Parallels users who are having this issue let their feelings be known to Parallels support. I have the impression that OpenGL is not that important to them for some reason.

parallels supports openGL 3.2 as they say in there support documentation… VMware says it supports openGL 3.3 … i don’t know if this the missing “horsepower”