DImensions Behaviour

Could anbody point out to me why my dimensions do this, when editing annotation?

Hi Jonathan -
I haven’t seen such behavior before. Could you post that file?

dim for wim.3dm (148.0 KB)

Here you go. I’ve had this problem for ages but no idea why. The workaround is pulling the handle of the notation any distance, no matter how small, and it recentres.

Heh, so the thing is behaving as though the text is aligned vertically - if you unset ‘Horizontal to view’ for dimension text in that style, and add a bunch of text, you’ll see why it moves - thanks, I’ll get this on the pile…

RH-61740 Dimension: Editing moves the text


@Jonathan_Hutchinson - That can be fixed. In the meantime, you can work around it by setting the text direction to Horizontal in addition to checking Horizontal to view.
Or if you are just looking at the dimension in orthographic views, don’t check Horizontal to screen at all - just use Horizontal instead of Aligned for text direction.

Ah, okay makes sense. I’ve literally been seeing this for so long but never thought to report it. Will fixing it risk making something else work in a similarly unexpected way?

Clearly I need to get my custom dimension styles in ship shape.

Thanks @lowell

I’ll try not to break anything fixing it

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