Dimension text auto flip happens at 10 degrees and not vertical

The text on dimensions automatically flips so that it is more easily read based on the view. For some reason however this seems to happen at something like 10 degrees off vertical. The attached image shows a plan view where the dimension is slightly rotated more on the right and the text then swaps side. SHould this not happen as it goes past vertical?

I have tested in clean files with standard Rhino dimensions and the problem is reoccuring. Working in Rhino for windows 7.15.22039

I think this is designed-in behavior to avoid the situations with vertical dimensions where if the change was right at 90° it couldn’t decide which way it should face and it might end up randomly flipping some and not others…

Yes you might be right. Thanks for your comment Helvetosaur.

Quite frustrating to not have control over this in someway. Having to resort to exploding the dimension at the moment but then of course it becomes a dumb object.

You can control this by using Grasshopper and providing your own planes for the dimensions. I’m using Elefront to create the dimensions. You would also have to uncheck the Annotation style option “Text reads forward…”

Hi Martin -

I’ve added your request to issue RH-53010.