Dimensioning woes in Rhino 7

I recently upgraded from Rhino 5 to Rhino 7.
In an attempt to add dimensions to a part, I am unable to get the dimension extension to extend to near the small hole near the top of the object. Please see the attached.
how do I fix this behavior?
Thanks ~ David
4449_Airfoil_Hotwire_Template_Bottom_06_09_22.3dm (934.2 KB)

Hi David,

You can adjust that by picking the dimension and in the dimension properties panel, set the Extension line offset.


Or lower the value in the settings of the annotation styles

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Thanks Dan, Martin,

Now, how do I get the dimension text closer to the dimension line? EDIT: I figured out how to modify Linear Resolution to increase the decimal places in the dimension text.
I never had such difficulty in Rhino 5. It just seemed to work the first time. ~ David
4449_Airfoil_Hotwire_Template_Bottom_06_09_22a.3dm (938.0 KB)

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You could set up the dimensions the way you want them, then save a template file. When you open the template your dimension settings should be there.

Also what I did was set up a bunch of styles that I can just pick from. They are saved in the template too.

We work in metric, but sometimes the shop wants imperial dimensions too. As you can see, I’ve saved styles for that scenario.


In this image I did nothing but pick my style to get the dimensions you see. It’s worth expending a bit of effort up front so dimensioning is an easy task after that.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Dan,
Agreed. I’ve been looking for a while now and still haven’t found in the help files how to reduce the vertical space between the text in a horizontal dimension and it’s respective dimension line. Once I do that I suppose it would be easy to create a template.

Part of the problem is that this object is so small; just a hair over 1 inch tall.
The text needs to be large enough for us old-timers to read from a .pdf without a magnifying glass.

I’ve got a request for help in with tech support. Hopefully I’ll get an answer.

Thanks for your help.