Custom dimension style

Is it possible to create my custom dimension type and style?

Yes. DocumentProperties > Annotations > Dimensions.
(From the top of my head)

Hello wim,
Thanks for answer. It is not completely what I wish to do.
I would like for example to create my dimension style and use it like standard Rhino dimensions.
To add more dimension types.

To draw a dimension style and save it someway :slight_smile: to the interactive block actually like Rhino dimensions are.

I will upload an image to show what I mean.

I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you want. As far as I can tell, what you ask for is possible. You’ll have to spell it out where it is where you get stuck. :wink:

I think your problem is that you need to save it to a template to have it available for the next new file.

  1. Open a new blank file.

  2. Create as many dimension styles as you need.

  3. Make any document Property changes you want to see in a new file, e.g. meshes, units, grid etc.

  4. Save that file to someplace you can always access it.

  5. In Rhino Options>Files>Template files point to the file you just customized and make it the template.
    Now when you create a new file Rhino it wll have your styles and other optimizations available.