Dimension Values not showing in WIP 5E41W


After upgrading from previous WIP version. Deleted entire application with appcleaner (throws out all related installed files in Library directories, such as Preferences, etc.) and then reinstalled. Retried using dimension but still no values. Tried tweaking dimension styles (altered font, size, color, etc.) with no change.

Dimension tool now seems broken.

Need to revert back to previous version of WIP but sadly don’t have a copy. HELP!

Yes getting this as well. I have had this happen in one build before. I may try a restart or revert.

I seem to have deleted my previous version. I will work in regular Rhino for now.

same here :frowning:


Does anyone have the previous version of WIP? McNeel Europe sent me link on dujour.mcneel.com http://dujour.mcneel.com/ to download the old version but the server is dead (actually doesn’t resolve) http://website.informer.com/dujour.mcneel.com. Looking for version 5E12w…

Were you able to download through the other channels I proposed you?

edit: https://we.tl/Q8JJGTnl9y


Hey thanks - the WeTransfer link worked! Hopefully dujour.mcneel.com will come back once Seattle IT gets in and has their first cup of coffee.


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cool, thanks

Reverting back to 5E12w without blowing away Preference or other .plist files resolved the problem. It doesn’t seem to be related to preferences or other settings.

Development will probably fix this in a couple of days…

Thanks also, installing 5E12w now.

I see this. Logged as MR-3058. We’ll take a look. Thanks for reporting this.

Here is a link back to RhinoWIP 5E12w:

This bug will be fixed in the next RhinoWIP…immentantely.

This bug should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP (5E44w). Please give it a try.


sorted :slight_smile:

so dimensions are working for you again?


i went ahead and updated to 5E44w on one of my computers and dimension are appearing correctly.

that said, i do notice a strange but non-critical difference in behavior compared to past versions… the actual dimension text doesn’t display until after making the final click in the Dim command… up to that point (during the preview) , i only see the extension lines and arrows… in previous versions, the preview also contained the text of the dimension.

do you see this as well @dan?

yes I see that too

The dimension text will show up (in most cases) during dimension creation in the next WIP release.