Vertically oriented text label flips direction, reads in reverse

The text (annotations) when aligned vertically with a surface will not rotate to a readible angle, but rather mirror themselves.

Can only be read correctly from straight on, or from “below” the line of text.

This is a rhino5 regression, the behavior in rhino5 would rotate the text 180 degrees so that the text was still readable and not mirrored.

This is not the first time it’s been reported.

@pascal is this a settings issue or a regression bug? Rh5 doesnt have this issue but some settings dont migrate 1:1

Orienting “horizontal to view” is not desired as the text needs to be oriented either vertically or horizontally depending on how the text best fits on the surface it is grouped with.

Hello - if you are only ever going to need to read the text from the ‘correct’ side, you can change (un-check)the setting here:

Does that do it?

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@pascal the “orient” property “fixes” the text on the surfaces, but screws up the dimensions so that is not a solution.

@lowell - any other thoughts, or settings someplace that I have forget, for what might sort this in the short term?


No other settings affect that.
If you turn off the Orient text setting and make text and dimensions like you want them they won’t change.

You also won’t be able to read them from the backside…

I understand, the annotations were completely revamped, but can they be “finalized” a bit better?
I don’t care about random 180 flip when text is vertical, but some texts get mirrored for no reason.

Text Orientation Issue.3dm (290.2 KB)

Also as a side note, the setting that controls that is not separate for dims and texts, so it can’t be turned off for texts and on for dims what we essentially had in R5.

Why is text orientation to view applied differently than to dimensions?
This doesn’t make any sense…

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Is this issue being worked on? I dont see any progress in the YouTrack?


Is there any thought to separating this setting from the dimensions so that text annotations can function separately than dimension text? Having the setting duplicated essentially, one for dimensions others for text annotations.

Was that way in V5… V6 changed all that.

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@Mason - Since text is now subject to annotation style controls, you can do that now with one style for dimensions and another for text.
There’s no plan that I know about to add another control value

Why is dimension text orientation using different algorithm than text? So, your workaround is to duplicate the annotation style amount? Then tell me how do I explain to our drafters that they’ll have to scroll through double of this:

@brian can this be logged as a regression issue? We can’t make it work with orient to view checkbox marked, 'cause text gets wonky and we can’t make it work with that checkbox unchecked, 'cause dimensions will become unreadable. All we’re asking is to make text orientation behave like dimension text. We don’t need any separate options. We just want text and dimensions to look uniform. Thank you…

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