Dimension scale


I’ve recently moved on to Rhino 6. I cannot get the dimension scale to “apply”. I can change the scale and the text height, but nothing happens. Rhino 5 was fine at this… what am I doing wrong?


thanks in advance

Hi Giles - I see that the text height field does not update in the properties panel when you change annotation properties in the styles editor. I can get that on the list.

In a quick test here, the selected dimension does update in the viewport when you click the Apply button. Do you also see that?

And when you click the OK button, the properties panel gets updated, correct?

Hi Wim,

Let me check that later when I get back on rhino! :pray:


I’ve no idea. Sometimes the Dimension Annotation Styles editor does stuff, but I don’t know when or how. In the properties panel, if I change the profile then it has an effect immediately. I guess I’ll figure it out next time. Thansk for your help.