Dimension Location Elefront

Hi everyone,

I am currently creating angular dimensions using Elefront plugin. I am struggilng to modify the dimension location since it seems something pretty obvius although I am not capable of doing that. Is anyone experienced with this?


This can be controlled with the O Offset input on the 'define angular dimension ’ component. Note that the offset value is actually half of the radius of the dimension arc, which seems strange, but provides sufficient control in every case I have encountered. I’m not sure without your file if the large offset is a result of the dimension style or something else.
I would provide the offset with half of the larger distance between P0 to P1 and P1 to P2 as a starting point, and then add or subtract to move our or in from center.

I appreciate your answer!

Yes, I saw you can control hat offset however you must change as well the points P1 and P0, which are very important to me. Then I do not think I can create an angular annotation with different d1 and d2 distances since I understand they have always to be equal