Dimension is not correct i think

i just do a offset curve on the right side i did 1.8 for the distance and i copy the outside curve and
i would do the offset again at 1.8 after that i draw a line from right to left and as you can see there is a small
problem with the offset because tey are not the same i think
i just discover its the line i draw from the first offset to the second on the left side strange??
maybe someone can explain it

after zooming nxst screen shot

and more zoom it is not much but… it can be given big problem it think on big distancing

Hi Peter - please post the curves as a 3dm file- thanks.


dim.3dm (2.3 MB)
Hi Pascal maybe it is totally not interesting but i just discover it
look in the circle at the red and green lines
greetings peter

Hi Peter- the curves appear to be about .0002 apart. Offset tolerance, by default, will be the document absolute tolerance - .001. Does that set your mind at ease, or am I missing the point…?


oke pascal -:slight_smile: it was just something i discovered i has to do with the tolerances as ypu say i will study on this
by the way it don,t influence my work at the moment -:slight_smile:
making some retro stuff-:slight_smile: and learning uv mapping

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