Dimension (distance from drawing)

Hi all.

I am constantly working with blueprints at work. I would like to ask you:

  1. Is there anyway to specify the distance of my dim line to my drawing by typing on my numpad ?
  2. Do you know any good resource for dimensioning “rules” ? I am in Europe so I guess it should be under a European normative. I use to have a manual from Argentina, but unfortunately not with me here in Denmark .

Thanks a lot for helping, as always.


you can type a specific distance by using SmartTrack, simply hold the the second point of the dimensioning Tool for a second until it shows a white circle then type your desired distance (in this case 10).

As far as I know there ist no European normative for technical drawings, I am using always a kind* of the german normative.

*“kind of” because it is a bit customised for better understanding and looking.

Thanks man! Did not know the “smart T” tip! :))))