Dimension styles doubts

Hi. I am doing a blueprint for my school. I did the measurments in my real size model. Now I am trying to fit it in a A2 (also inside Rhino). I managed to change the style to one personalized to my A2 (1:10). The problems so far:

  • The extension lines from my angle dimensions are totally out of scale and can not find the parameter to match it to my 1:10 scale.
  • The dimension numbers went from 1680 mm to 168 mm. I would like to have in my numbers 1680 not 168 if possible.

I am not sure If iam being quite clear with my doubts. I am sorry. I will post a print screen:

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Bruno,
You should not scale your drawing 1:10, but leave it full/real size. The simplest thing is to reduce the printing scale to 1:10, but that will also scale down your text sizes. I suggest you get familiar with layouts. With layouts, you can insert a detail in scale 1:10 into your A2 sheet size, without the dimensions. Then, the dimensions can be added in the layout sheet proper (with the layout detail “deactivated”) while keeping the dimension style, but they will display the real dimensions even though the layout detail is scaled.


Thanks MAX . I will explore the layout thing ( i do not know it) . I am exporting my blueprints to Illustrator.
So The printing option is not an option for me. Thanks a lot!