Dimension Colour change in Annotation Styles

Hi all,
Is it possible to change the colour of dimensions in general by default settings?
I can not find these option in Annotation Styles?

E.g. Every time I launch rhino 6, I would like to draw dimension in blue.
Even though, I work in a layer other than blue.

Thanks for the response. Mati.

Hi Mati - setting all dimensions on the same (blue) layer is one way -
`_SelDim _ChangeLayer’

V7/WIP makes this more automatic with SetDimensionLayer.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for helping me speed up the work.
Even though, it is still an extra action.
I believe, V7 implements the dimension color adjustments directly into the annotation settings…

Hi Mati -

You can put the command in your start-up list and point it to a layer that you have defined in your personal template. That way there is no extra action needed.

There are no settings for annotation color in Rhino 7.

Perhaps in the context of what the OP was originally trying to do only.

However, I was doing a search and came across this post because I’m needing something similar.
I’m needing to have dimensions on the same layer as my objects but being able to assign a unique color per dimension per layer.
This helps differentiate an object line from a dimension line, and also helps know at a glance which dimensions belong to which layer and which objects.

Not being able to do this actually turns it into many steps and many additional layers.

Hi -

Dimensions, just like any other objects, have a “Display Color” property that can be set to something other than the layer color.

Ok, thanks.
I was looking under properties tab with 'Linear Dimension" selected. And there is no color property/settings for it.
But if I select “Object” it does let me set the color other than layer color specifically for that dimension.

So the problem really was my assuming a Dimension is a dimension only and not an object - like what we create( ie. information about an object, not an object itself). I think otherwise I would have looked elsewhere. Now I know Rhino has an ‘expanded’ definition of what an object is.