Dimension Colour change in Annotation Styles

Hi all,
Is it possible to change the colour of dimensions in general by default settings?
I can not find these option in Annotation Styles?

E.g. Every time I launch rhino 6, I would like to draw dimension in blue.
Even though, I work in a layer other than blue.

Thanks for the response. Mati.

Hi Mati - setting all dimensions on the same (blue) layer is one way -
`_SelDim _ChangeLayer’

V7/WIP makes this more automatic with SetDimensionLayer.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for helping me speed up the work.
Even though, it is still an extra action.
I believe, V7 implements the dimension color adjustments directly into the annotation settings…

Hi Mati -

You can put the command in your start-up list and point it to a layer that you have defined in your personal template. That way there is no extra action needed.

There are no settings for annotation color in Rhino 7.