Any way to: Assign a preset color for dimensions, Make axis lines thicker

Is it possible to have the dimensions, and for that matter text, a preset color, that is different from the current layer color? So that every time I draw a dimension of add text to a layer, it will be a preset color of my choice.

Is there any way to make the X , Y axis lines thicker?

Thank you.

Named dimension styles and annotation styles are defined in the Rhino file.
They are originally inherited from the template file you chose.
Set up a file with the dimension and annotation styles you want and save it as a template.
While you’re at it, create your desired layer scheme so they are in your personalized template file too.
The CPlane axis thickness is a property of the named display mode and stays with the Rhino installation. They are not defined in the model file like the annotations.

Thanks John, So in trying to do the above I am looking in:
Rhino Options - Document Properties - Annotation - Dimensions
But there are no color options here?
And I don’t see any where to change text in this area as well?
Is this the right area to set the dimension and annotation styles I want?

Sounds like you need to read through the User’s Guide for basic Rhino details.

Colors are set by the Layer an object resides on, unless you assign the color to the entity so it overrides the layer color.

The named annotation styles controls the font and appearance. The height of the text itself is determined at the time you create it and the color is determined by the layer the annotation resides on.

Thanks John, Yes I do need to look at that users guide some more.

Just thought there might be a quick way to get all my text and dimensions a color of my choice, as I create them regardless of layer color. Something like just a setting in the Rhino Options for dimension or text color, but I guess not.

Not really. It would be possible to script the commands to make a specific layer current or override the color with a “ByObject” setting, but I think it would make more sense to see if the tools work OK for you as they were written.