Dimension Break tool for crossing dimensions?

AutoCAD has a Dimension break tool for creating gaps where dimensions cross over each other. Does Rhino have something similar? I can’t find one.

Back in the days of pen and ink I was taught to nest dimensions so that the shortest are closest to the subject. With that convention the broken line is never needed. Seems like an elegant convention.



Crossing of extension lines or dimension lines should be avoided if possible. Where such crossings are unavoidable, there should be no break in either of the lines. However, if extension lines cross dimension lines through the arrowheads, the extension line may be broken.
based on http://homepages.cae.wisc.edu/~me231/online_notes/dimensoning/principals_dim.pdf

Thank you. I wonder who wrote that and for which industry? In my work this is necessary on occasion. AutoCAD has the break tool and as I consider using Rhino for my 2D work, I was wondering if it too had the tool, but hidden somewhere.

Though I could live without it, if not available, that would be three ACLT features that I use that Rhino lacks.

I try to do that myself. I placed the dimension in the drawing just so I could use the tool and create the image. That said, I do on occasion need the break tool, as do others, as it exists in AutoDesk products.