Linetype for dimensions

Hello there,

I was wondering if there is a way to change linetype scale for dimensions in rhino so dimensions appear with chosen linetype and not continuous.

Just like we can choose dimension linetype in autocad but doesnt seem to be the case in rhino.
Its a little hassel while making 2d drawings.

Could you show an example of a drawing where anything else than a continuous straight line is used for dimensions?

Thanks for reply ans sorry for replying so late, was really tied up.
dim from rhino.pdf (643.3 KB)
dim from autocad 1.pdf (24.5 KB)
dim from autocad 2.pdf (25.6 KB)

As one can see here that the linetype of dimension layer or line can be modified to any type we want in Autocad but in Rhino. Or this is something I dont know about Rhino.

I’ve never seen this used on any drawing before and didn’t find any examples when searching the net either.

At any rate, no, this is not possible in Rhino. A work-around is to explode the dimension and assign the lines the style that you want.

Great, then I know its not possible in rhino. Thanks, I was just wondering if there was an option.

JEESUS GUYS REALLY WE HAVE ARCHICAD, painful sigh it can grasshopper the hell out of windows and doors but can’t give me a dashed dimension line, facepalm