Digitizing in Rhino 6

Can someone tell me how to change tips in Rhino6 for a Microscribe M-series digitizer?
I can scan into Notepad after using MUS7, then import into Rhino 6.
But I can’t figure out how to do the tip change in Rhino6.
Do I do it in MUS7 first, then open Rhino6?
Do I use only Rhino6?
Or is there another method?
The directions in the Help file are confusing and conflicting.
Also, there’s no such file on my entire hard drive:
Also, I noticed that Rhino6 doesn’t Import my Notepad point-data file.
Is this a ‘bug’?
Thanx …Chris

I revisited my previous post of last year, and contacted Revware, and then figured it out.
First you must create a CUSTOM PROBE in MUS 7:

Then you must CLOSE MUS 7.
Then you open Rhino and invoke MicroScribeSelectTip command.
Then select the NAME of the tip you confugred in MUS 7.
Now start digitizing.

Can you explain what are confusing and conflicting? I’ll review the topic.

Rhino 5 use a CHM help file. You can open it by pressing F1. You can find the same topic in the TOC (Digitizing > Digitize).

Can you attach a simple point-data file that Rhino 6 can’t read for us to test?


Hi Kevin,
Tell you what:
Set up your MS digitizer and use Rhino6 with a non-standard tip.
Then tell me how the Help file explains how to do it.
Cheers … Chirs



At the end of this topic is what I added, thanks.

By the way, do you still have the problem with point-data files?

OK, thanx for showing me that.

I would add this:

“4. Close MUS.”

“5. In Rhino, run ….”

You can’t run MUS and Rhino at the same time when digitizing.

Contact Will Owen at Revware to discuss.

Thanks for the information. I added the step.



Incidentally, I haven’t had time to try the point data file again since installing the Rhino6 service release.
When I do, I’ll let you know how it works.

OK, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: