Rhino 6, Microscribe and shortcuts?

There is a keyboard shortcut for simulate pushing the foot pedal and that’s F12. It’s called the DigClick command. But to be able to setting up the real world axis you have to use the other button (grey?). What is that command called, and is there a shortcut for that on the keyboard?

I have no foot pedal och hand switch to my Microscribe 3DX so I have to use the keyboard for entering points (and to set the origin/axis).

Hello - DigCalibrate, maybe, is what you are looking for?


Okay, it seems like I misunderstood the concept. DigCalibrate starts the process, but is there any way to click the second button (calibration button) to select the origin and axes? F12 is for selecting the point. Or maybe you need a pedal / hand control to calibrate the arm?

/ Jimmy