Digitize: auto input

Here’s a digitize into Rhino5 question:
Does anybody have a program or suggestion for being able to make a Microscribe digitizer automatically input points into Rhino by either distance or time?
In other words, I’d like to drag the tip of the digitizer across the surfaces of an object, and have them automatically register every increment that I can set as either a distance or time.
Thanx …

maybe the link below helps? rhino has some tools build in, never used it but in my university they where messing around with it and it works for exactly what you are asking for if i understood you correct.


Use the _DigSketch command in the MicroScribe Toolbar DigSketch

Start the command, set the command option to create a Polyline, then move the arm to the location where you want to start digitizing, push and hold the pedal, and drag the arm. To stop sketching, release the pedal.

To control the distance, see the PointSpacing Option of the command.


Thanx Clement.
Guess I just need to read all the commands thoroughly.
It’s a lotta work, but it needs to be done.
I only saw the pop-up help that said “sketch a curve w/the digitizer” and figured it didn’t do points.
Appreciate it!

Thanx Richard.
I printed the whole text and will read it carefully … then test it in Rhino to make sure I know how to use the commands.
Appreciate it!

It can do Points too but i suggested to set it to Polyline because that will make it easier to handle if you want to delete strokes later or control creation of smooth curves using _Rebuild. Using Polyline you can either snap to the polyline vertices or use _ExtractPt to create Point objects.


More good advice, thanx!