DIG : Botanical Garden

Hi All,

Here are the illustrations we recently completed for Botanical Garden master plan project, with a short ‘process breakdown’ video showing the Rhino model used behind one of the scenes. All composed, modeled and populated in Rhino (rendered in Vray for 3DSMax + Photoshop).


interesting how the different media are being mixed together in those very illustrative poetic renderings.
if i may say so you populated them very lively.

but one little thing i curiously have to point out which you have focused on with your camera movement is this cool bird hunter dude with the man sized tele lens, who seems to be standing on one leg while the 2nd one probably got abducted by the photoshop artist :smile: funny that you focus on that with the camera it seemed you even wanted to point that out purposely :slight_smile:

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the feedback. I did not look at the bird photographer as one-legged before (his foot is behind a fuzzy grass in the foreground) but now that you pointed that out he kind of looks like that :wink:
It looks better in a high-resolution uncompressed image…

The short video was not a final product, just something to quickly show the Rhino model components, other steps in the rendering process and the level of detail of the illustrations; that’s why it zooms in here and there.

Here is another one of these ‘Rhino model-to-rendering’ process videos:


Outstanding work!

Yeah, absolutely great stuff!
They have an oil-paintish, impressionistic, honest feel to them that I appreciate.

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Hi Jarek,
Wonderful awesome work, I think the renderings are getting so interesting they’re becoming painting like stories in themselves. I really enjoyed the work and especially like the 05a jpeg with the baby the lighting and color are really well done looks like a pre-Raphaelite painting.
I really liked the animation but that left me wanting more I think you might feel the same way since you modeled this, I want to move in that scene not just within that final still image but hear the sound of wind and see the movement of light in the trees.

If you don’t mind me asking what did you use to do the people and plants?
I think Vray, Max and Rhino are a killer combo.
Thanks for sharing,

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Great job.

the plants are 3ds max models?

I guess that apart from the stadium, the rest is done in max or post…isn’t it?

Hi Roland,

Thanks! Glad you and @Holo think these are more painting-like. I really appreciate the traditional architectural illustration and with computer rendered work I don’t think that photo-realism is always the best way to go, especially for exterior scenes. If you ‘entered the painting’ you probably would be a bit disappointed since we tend to model only what is necessary for the view and not much more. I’ll try to prepare something to show that. After all, each still image rendering is just a 2D projection of the 3D space, no matter how complex the scene is, and we need to worry only about what is visible (or few things outside the frame that would affect the visible parts like trees casting shadows from behind of objects visible in reflections).

We use various collections of people, usually the further away ones are low-poly 3D models that are rendered in (AXYZ people, etc.) and the closer ones are either custom-photos or collections like Epictor, VizPeople and Vishopper. But to make them blend with the rendering each needs to be tweaked to match the overall color scheme and lighting.
Plants are also a mix of various libraries but mostly Evermotion models. These are very heavy but we use Vray proxies for that. @Pitti, All scenes (except for 2D photo people) are populated with entourage inside Rhino - most of the models are Vray proxies that are made into simplified Rhino blocks but eventually rendered in detail in MAX. I found this to be most efficient since the entourage interacts with main model parts that are all created and updated in Rhino.


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Hi Jarek,
Yes that was a good choice to make your renderings more illustrative but real enough. I do the similar things with my theater work and animation it all boils down to what’s in the frame.
Thanks for your reply and for posting your workflow I really enjoy your work.