Difference displayed dimensions in the same line

Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed that when I draw some lines with fraction number of length, the displayed measurement which’s shown at the left-down bar of the window somehow is not equal to the drafting dimension. In this case, the displayed measurement is the inaccurate one. I assume that it might be tolerance behind the program but not so sure about it.

Who knows what happened and is there any solution to make these numbers to be equal?

Thank you!

Here is my file:
Line Dimension Test.3dm (35.3 KB)

Hi -

Tolerances shouldn’t affect what you are seeing there. It’s impossible to tell from a video what’s going on, though. Can you post the 3dm file? Based on the video alone, it looks like you didn’t snap to the end points of the line.

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Thank you for you reply,

I’ve uploaded the file for you already!
please check again :slight_smile:

Hi -
Dimensions are always created on a construction plane. Your red curve is not in the same plane and thus the dimension points get projected and don’t show the line’s length.

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OH! that’s it!!
I didn’t notice that. Thank you very very much!