Difference between wallpaper and back ground image

This has been bugging me for a while.
What are the differences between, wallpaper and background image? Where can I find the wallpaper icon anyway?
Any ideas guys?

Hello - Background images are placed explicitly in a 2d location and size in a viewport - they are mean tto be reference images to model against so they are static in space while Wallpaper fills the entire viewport backgrund no matter what the current view is looking at.


Hi Pascal , thanks for the quick response. Actually, it maybe the otherway round, it seems…
Background image distorts the format to fill the entire screen while the wallpaper keep the proportion of the image.
I was looking for ages to find where the wallpaper icon is, it seems the only way is to type it?

Hi Sin - in my comments, background images = ones placed with `BackgroundBitmap’…


I have just noticed that there is wallpaper option on backdrop on render setting… but then there is no option button to set that wallpaper??

you know what?
I have just found where to set the wallpaper… on viewport properties… stupid me!!!

Ahh, ok, background image in rendering - sorry, I misinterpreted…

15 years of rhino usage, and i am still learning the basics! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I was trying to match perspective of a photo to my 3d model. and it says i can only do that with a wallpaper.
Well, I have used many background images on viewports but using adding picture plane and placing background bitmap.
But never used the wallpaper till now.

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You know what Pascal?
Rhino’s parameter settings are some times really handful having to search them from one end to another…
Just my thoughts… but then I find all 3D apps are like that. :frowning:

I will not argue with that. Rhino is not always as concise as one would like…


Can you guys at Mcneel somehow put all the background bit map -thingy All at the SAME place? :stuck_out_tongue:

What about just eliminating them entirely?
Picture is a lot better than Background Bitmap.
I never understood what useful purpose there was for Wallpaper.

I use picture frames for reference images in each view so I can manipulate them and align them in one viewport first and then placed in another.

I also use the wallpaper only in the perspective as a second reference and is quite useful that way.

I think the interface is ok.
the background in render tab is for rendering only, the background in viewport properties is for modeling purposes, the same as wallpaper and the pictureframe is an object, under modeling tools.

in this video you can see how I use the wallpaper:


I have used Wallpaper only to align my model while using wrapper material in V-Ray.

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I find placing bitmap plane very usefull for reverse engineering which I am doing with a project at the moment. I also use bitmap planes as graphic elements such as instrument pannel or lcd display. Wallpaper is certainly nessesary for matching perspective of a 3D model to a background photo where the model will be rendered and integrated to photographic images.Then there are back ground images which I believe is for, - I am not too sure what it is for… but guess for the rendering environment…