Diamond setting on bented/round sufaces

Im trying to make a ring with a certain diamond pattern. I have no clue how to do it :slight_smile: Still very much a beginner. I know how to make the ring and also the diamond/tool. But how to set the diamonds in the special pattern and on a bented/round suface???
Hope one of you guys out there can help me with some guidelines. I apologize for the quality of the uploaded picture/design. Hope it gives you and idea of the design I want to make. Thank you :slight_smile:

If you go to the main rhino3d site under the learning link, go to books and tutorials, and down towards the bottom is a link on Designing Jewelry With Rhinosaurus. It’s several years old and was written for the windows version 4, but you can buy it online as a PDF for $25. It’s several hundred pages and goes into considerable depth, on exactly the sorts of things your probably trying to do. I’ve found it a great resource not just for jewelry but in learning the specifics on how to approach modeling in general in rhino. It’s been way more useful than tube videos where the go so fast you can’t even see what tools they’re using or why.

Any 3d modeller is a huge learning curve, and will take some investment in time to learn.

Not a bad idea to read up on modelling approaches in general. For the question at hand, though, see if you can get something useful out of the OrientOnSrf command.

I agree with wim, Orient on surface

It looks like there is a repeating pattern, with the gems. So just use Orient On Surface for those 4 and then Polar Array, xAmount of times.

Not sure of the size of diamonds in your drawing, But a 0.01 ct (1.00mm) diamond will not fit on a 0.70mm wide shank.

FWIW, I have the Jewellery Book and for 25$ it will be a good purchase to get jewellery specific workflows.


Thank you so much all of you for taking you time to answer! Been a great help. And btw… Already ordered the book. But still waiting for it. Can’t wait!
Thanks again

Sofie :slight_smile: