Diamond Paneling Overlap Problem

Hello all,

I’m trying to generate a diamond paneling of various sizes (that will then get extruded and mapped on a polysurface). I need to prevent the panels from overlapping. Though when I try to use the Solid Difference node in GH, since my shapes are exactly the same sizes, they merge together instead of subtracting…

Anyone know a workaround this?

Thanks in advance!

– ea

Final result (but currently overlapping):

Example of diamond panels to subtract:

Failed Solid Difference result (they merged):

diamond-paneling_various-sizes_overlapping-issue.gh (32.6 KB)

Check this and you don’t have to use Surface Split all the time. try Isotrim.

diamond-paneling_various-sizes_overlapping-issue_re.gh (39.3 KB)

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Big thanks for the quick reply @HS_Kim. Works perfectly. Didn’t know Isotrim, looking into that as well.