Diagrid triangles problem | and another one

Hey there,

so i have a couple of questions.

im trying to create an envelope for an arena were developing. my main goal is to create 2wX5h meters diamond shape panels and to make a scale like pattern ( on diamond overlapping the one under him - imagine dragon like patterns). so in the gh code, the 2 sliders connected to the amplitude, control the openings of the panels. i want them to overlap each other a bit ( i think the edge need to get longer as the amplitude is bigger).

That was one problem.

the other issue im having, is the diagrid triangles. The diagrid creates triangles in its ends, and im having troubles making the shell “seamless”. the upper and bottom triangles, i dont need. they can stay empty, but the ones creating the holes in the shell. are my problem.

attached are my gh and 3dm,

if you have any questions, please ask.

Thanks, GSurface_arena.gh (23.5 KB)
Surface_arena.3dm (424.2 KB)

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for the overlap, maybe you can get the two blue vectors and add them and move that tip point down along the sum, the black vector.

as for seams, to my knowledge i don’t think you can achieve true seamless without kinda manually model the border conditions…you are generating the diagrid per UV surface, which is a quadrilateral by nature.

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