Panelling a curved surface problem

Hi I got this surface and I want to “dress” it with these panels , although I fished an algorithm that works perfect for a single attractor curve on a flat surface, I want to make it work on a surface like the one in my PNG

Also is there a way to directly control the size of the polygons (instead of just the raw number )
and if there is a way to populate them on the surface I got in my file and behave as they behave in the flat surface?

Last How could I add multiple attractor curves instead of one ?

I copied the solution from a youtube tutorial but I would like to test it in these conditions so I can learn by reverse engineering!
thank you!

PS the file after I bake the panels (the surface is kinda big though) becomes HUGE like almost 400mb… is there anything I can do when panelling to avoid such issues?)

Diamond Grid with (13.1 KB)

Surface.3dm (148.7 KB)