Dialog edges are hard to grab

For resizing dialogs I need surgical skills.

Not so easy to hit the 1px zone exactly and then click without moving.
This is seen with every similar dialog.

BTW, the caption of this dialog is good.
‘Krümmung’ instead of ‘Krümmungsanalyse’ is fine.

The elements in the dialog are not positioned very well.
The line after ‘Stil’ is too short.
‘Krümmungssi…’, what does that mean?
Also the left alignment doesn’t look so good.

Are there plans to redo this dialogs (ETO)?

Interesting effect:
If you manage to double-click over the top or bottom edge, you get a vertical fullscreen dialog.

Especially on 4K screens…

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yes, another example, you can see me hunting for the edge of the commandline here: GetOption.AddOptionList limit on number of options? - #6 by jdhill