Analysis dialogs

The dialog captions, at least in German, have inconsistent captions.

Why not make it shorter, ‘Lichtlinien’ not ‘Lichtlinienanalyse’, like in ‘Kantenstetigkeit’?

‘Kantenanzeige’, ‘Endenanalyse’
The line after the caption is too short.

No help button.

The help button width is different.

The frame caption is cut off.
The controls touch the right edge of the dialog.
The Up/Down buttons are not Up/Down buttons as in ‘Kantenstetigkeit’.

The checkbox captions do not wrap when the dialog is small.

All dialogs except ‘Kantenstetigkeit’ look like Windows 95.

The edge continuity (‘Kantenstetigkeit’) dialog looks better.

All analysis dialogs could live in a common panel with tabs.
A single command could open all the analysis tools in one go.


Much better now!
Also the dialogs are easier to resize.
Now a bit fine tuning would be nice…