Diagonal criss cross pattern

This will no doubt be a very simplistic question, but I would like to ask what the best way to achieve the cross pattern would be for this pendant between the two pillars ?


use a interpolated curve make the clicks where you have the crossings, here with points switched on, i used degree 3 and clicked once in the middle the two other points are being produced automatically.

then you take the curve and copy it manually or array it if you need many more along your pillars

then simply mirror it and switch on points from those which shall be moved into one direction use the gumball for that.

then use sweep2 you can actually also use sweep1 but with two rails you get more control if you want to twist them slightly on some spots. but before sweep switch on history so you can edit the curves further and it will update the surfaces in real time to get a better control of how they flow over each other.

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Many thanks Richard.
I will give this a go :slight_smile: