How to build 3D scarf

Hi, I’m fairly new to rhino
I need to build a 3d scarf. a thick one that wraps around.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it!

Can someone do a quick step by step tutorial for me???


I’d suggest Sweep1 with History enabled like this…

Scarf.3dm (423.0 KB)
You can then edit the curve control points to get the form right. I used Sweep1 while also rebuilding the resulting surface in the Sweep1 dialog to 10 control points. This gave it a more organic outcome while also keeping the UV direction more logical for any additional modeling or texturing.

The thing to practice here is aligning your cross section curves to the rail. I used Polygon with 4 sides and the align to curve option for the first one. Then I used OrientOnCrv with the copy option to make the others. Once the Sweep1 was completed with history turned on, I tweaked the cross sections to taste.