Developable surface, minimal surface

hi i have ventured upon this old video but i cant quite understand and find what components are being used, by any chance would anyone be able to decipher what is being used in the script? im keen in learning how this is done. Thank you! Convex Low Polygon to Developable Surface - YouTube


The second component is probably a simple curve planarity check. You can substitute it with Planar. I remember encountering the Engine component somewhere, but I can’t remember where (legacy Kangaroo? Millipede?).

These two seem to be custom script components, namely C#, which makes it quite difficult to reconstruct the definition. Your best bet would be to either contact the author and ask for the script, or try to rebuild it with the same ideas but a different - your own - approach.
Making a three-dimensional Vornoi cell like developable shouldn’t be too hard, especially if all it’s faces are planarized.

If the edges of a surface are straight lines then the surface must be planar to be be developable.

A developable surface cannot contain straight lines which intersect unless it is planar.

Maybe Shajay Bhooshan´s master thesis might help? There he is dealing exactly with this kind of geometry.

or the paper Curve-Folding Polyhedra Skeletons through Smoothing.

Would also be interested in the approach for this kind of geometry, but haven’t had the time yet to try it out myself…


quick thought: Maybe you could use Kangaroo´s developabilize force and apply it to the initial approximated mesh. For the “side wall” you could use the reflect method to a create curved foldable shape…

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