Planar cells with kangaroo 2

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to divide my freeform surface into single planar parts. Would be nice if they where hexagons but its not necessary. My main problem is, that the solver is not working. I’ve had a look at other threads (for example that one: PLANARIZE cells coming from Kangaroo simulation) but none of those have been working for my case. (141.3 KB)

I’d start by creating a planar mesh with TriRemesh and using the dual output instead of intersecting the voronoi cells with your brep. I don’t know how you created the vaulted brep but I’d probably use loads in Kangaroo.

The definition needs some more tweaking… (194.1 KB)

Hi @Peer_Röder

Taking Voronoi cells from randomised points on a doubly curved surface with regions of negative curvature (saddle like), you usually won’t be able to simply planarise them by moving the points and keeping the surface shape.

Planarisation of hexagonal/polygonal cells on all synclastic (dome like) surfaces is usually quite straightforward. Quad meshes that are well aligned with curvature directions can also work well.

As I’ve written about before (such as the discussion you link above and many other threads on here) though, hexagonal/polygonal cells on negatively curved surfaces need to become bow-tie shaped, and will nearly always require topology changes, so moving points alone won’t get you there.

You can approach this by moving the cells while updating the topology (see for example Amir Vaxman’s work), but I’ve not been too keen to pursue this much because personally I think even when it works well the results are still a bit awkward looking.

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Hello Martin, thanks for your suggestion. The Form is also created with kangaroo. Important is, that the points above the “openings” only move in Z direction and not in X and Y thats why my form has negative curvature. (61.6 KB)

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Hello Daniel, thanks for your reply.
I get your point. in my case bow-tie shaped Parts would be fine as well but I wasn’t able to achive those shapes by planarizing my cells.