Chamfer a geometry and make it to surface of mesh

I’m trying to do a similar approach to geometry, but I’m having a hard to make it in grasshopper.
Could anyone help me with this?

This project is done by Suryansh Chandra. He has the gh script on Youtube but not so much explanation…
The link:

This one was done using a custom C# code, last year i developed a version using just native components and some math, i will try to share the gh file next week (i don’t remember where exactly i saved this one), but you can do the same with a little of research using keywords like Developable surfaces + Curved Folding + Polyedra on google, here some useful links for you…
Convex Polyhedron to Developable Surface
Modeling Curved Folding with Freeform Deformations (read carefully point 5)

Fragile Beasts | Sculpting Paper
Curved Folding | Paper Giants
Curved Folding | Metal Twins
have a nice day.

Edit: i forgot this paper…
Curve-Folding_Polyhedra_Skeletons_throug.pdf (1.3 MB)


Very nice

@beremiz.2000 Thank you for sharing the papers and links. i’ll look into that.
Please do share the gh. file when you find it.